Buy Berner Cookies Strain

Berner Cookies Strain. Berners Cookies cannabis strain is an 80%/20% Sativa hybrid with an insanely high THC level of 27%. It’s a wildly popular strain due to its delectably fresh vanilla and nut flavor. Its aroma is misleadingly simple with dank and earthy notes. Berner Cookies cannabis strain induces a highly sociable, talkative, yet distracted high.

The Founding of Cookies

The story of Cookies is inextricably connected with Cookies Fam as it was the strain that named them and made them famous. Both San Francisco natives and inspired by the city’s medicinal cannabis culture, Gilbert Anthony Milam Jr. (aka Berner) and Jai (“Jigga”) founded Cookies in 2010. By breeding and growing plants using knowledge passed down from his mother and articles in magazines, Jigga is the original geneticist behind these iconic strains keeping the genetics exclusively held within Cookies nurseries.

The Future of Cookies Fam

Today Cookies Enterprises is a major player in the global cannabis growing industry with over 75 cannabis strains and products in its portfolio Across their massive growing facilities Cookies and its family of brands is focused on preserving and cultivating rare strains using the latest technology to provide premium products to cannabis consumers all over the country.