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Collins Ave Cookies.  The Collins Ave strain is another new banger from Cookies that still has a lot of secrecy surrounding it. The information on this new strain is still largely ambiguous. So far, we know that it’s a hybrid strain that comes from crossing Kush Mints 11 with GTI, and then with KM11 again. The nugs have the look and feel of an extremely dank Blue Dream or OG strain. The aromas that come off of it are sweet, citrusy, yogurt-like, and have that classic overarching diesel stench.

Looking at the lineage of the Collins Ave strain, you can infer a sizable contribution from its Kush Mints 11 parent. This cultivar is known for producing super sweet yet minty and diesel terps. This balanced hybrid is also known to potentially bring on drowsiness, as well as induce palpable hunger. The Collins Ave strain has a similar feel, but with a stronger presence of citrus and gassy terps. It may also bring about similar feelings of mind-melting relaxation and get you eating maybe more than you should.
 Berner is known for creating trendsetting strains that find their way into man connaisseur’s daily smoking rituals. The Collins Ave strain arguably has the appearance of a freakish DJ Short Blueberry cultivar. You can tell from the leaves that range from vibrant green to an almost blue-ish dark green hue. The light color of the nugs implicates that it may charge you up. When you combine that with the bountiful layer of trichomes coating its surface, you know you’re in for a treat. When you’re smoking on some of the Collins Ave strain, you may notice incredibly sweet notes that are then met with a cheesy gas that may take you to cloud 9. Berner never disappoints with any new strain he brings to California’s cannabis industry. 
Uplifted. 75%  feeling uplifted.Relaxed. 75%  feeling relaxed.Happy. 50%    feeling happy.

Focused. 37%  feeling focused.

Euphoric. 37% feeling euphoric.

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4 packs, OZ(28grams), QP(114grams), HP(28grams), P(454grams)


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