Honey Bun Cookies





Honey Bun Cookies strain falls under the cookies family. The cookies family in recent times has been elevated to the top level of cannabis genetics. This practically because, this genetics group has proven its worth by presenting to the cannabis world the best strains in this genetics. As the popularity of the cannabis industry explodes, so does the notoriety of cookies cult following with the intent of making high-quality cannabis available to everyone. The Honey bun cookies has a sweet taste hereby making it love by so many people especially women.

Where Can I Shop Online?

In most cases, it quiet difficult to order honey bun cookies strain online. Nevertheless we are here to free your stress looking for where to buy honey bun. We are here to supply you with the best of this strain and other cannabis strain online with no problem. knowing fully well that this strain is limited in the market, when you find it take very good advantage. Thats order a huge quantity of this particular strain. We assure you of top quality and excellent service. Order honey bun strain from our store and enjoy the best service you could fine.


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4 packs, OZ(28grams), QP(114grams), HP(28grams), P(454grams)


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